Elbow Up Youth Baseball

005: Q&A from Parents and Coaches

October 13, 2020 Kevin Burke
Elbow Up Youth Baseball
005: Q&A from Parents and Coaches
Show Notes
This week’s podcast took a slightly different format. Instead of a specific topic, I answered five questions I’ve received from the Elbow Up community over the past couple of weeks. I’ll do this again next month, so hit reply and send me your questions!

I’ve included a list below of each topic and the time in the episode where you can find my answers and discussion. I spend between 2 and 5 minutes on each.

1:59 - Making defensive substitutions when a player makes an error

5:54 - Teams making noise while the other team delivers the pitch

9:57 - Should batters take the first pitch?

14:06 - How many players should you carry on your team?

21:01 - My thoughts on playing up an age group

I appreciate everyone who participated in my last 3-question survey. It really helps developing content and direction for the newsletter.

Would you take 15 seconds and answer these 3 questions? It’s quick and anonymous. Thanks in advance for your help!

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About Kevin

Kevin Burke is a dad and coach, having coached baseball at all ages tee ball through varsity high school over the last 18 years . He currently coaches his younger son’s 9U “travel” team, Tennessee Prime, based out of Chattanooga, TN.

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