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007: Just Say No to In-Game Mechanics Coaching

October 27, 2020 Kevin Burke
Elbow Up Youth Baseball
007: Just Say No to In-Game Mechanics Coaching
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We all do it. We have the best intentions, but unfortunately we’re not helping.

We’re hurting.

Stop the in-game coaching mechanics, and let them play. Let them use what you’ve taught them during the week, what they already know. Let them have fun. Don’t criticize everything. Don’t turn what should be a fun game into a negative experience.

NOTE: There are times when making a simple correction is okay, especially for older players. But not a weekend goes by where I don’t see multiple coaches and parents making multiple adjustments during the game to their kids and players.

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I don’t think most of us realize how turning a youth league baseball game that’s supposed to be fun into a near-constant negative experience can negatively impact a player’s development.

What we say is intended to adjust and help.

What they hear is “I’m doing it wrong again…”

I really wish you would listen to this week’s episode. Writing it out just doesn’t do this one justice.

Here’s a quick overview that may help with navigation if you’d rather not listen all the way through:

0:39 - Episode Introduction

3:19 - My Weekend Recap: 93-pitch complete game by 10U pitcher 🤨

9:03 - Coaching mechanics during the game, and why it’s bad

16:39 - How many things a human brain can focus on at one time

19:50 - My personal story related to this

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About Kevin

Kevin Burke is a dad and coach, having coached baseball at all ages tee ball through varsity high school over the last 18 years . He currently coaches his younger son’s 9U “travel” team, Tennessee Prime, based out of Chattanooga, TN.

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