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011: MLB Veteran Shawn Kelley on Youth Baseball Today

December 01, 2020 Kevin Burke
Elbow Up Youth Baseball
011: MLB Veteran Shawn Kelley on Youth Baseball Today
Show Notes
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Shawn Kelley played 11 seasons of Major League Baseball from 2009-2019, pitching in 493 games with 6 different teams. Now he’s a dad coaching his son’s 9 year old baseball team. We spent half an hour talking about his youth baseball experience and now his experience coaching his son. And it’s pure gold!

So far I’ve written 20 email newsletter articles and recorded 10 podcast episodes telling you many of the things I’ve learned as a player, coach, and dad. This week I recorded my first interview on my quest to share other perspectives and provide you with as much information as possible.

I couldn’t think of a better one to start with than a guy who had a successful career at literally every level of baseball, retired, and now coaches his own son’s team.

His transparency and frustration with today’s youth game is compelling, and it makes sense.

We talked about…

his youth baseball experience;

his son’s youth baseball experience;

playing multiple sports;

playing baseball year ‘round;

parent and coaches having a fear of missing out;

learning/having a high baseball IQ;

how to handle your son not being the best player;

his thoughts on the current state of youth baseball;

and much more!

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