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When Daddy Becomes Youth Baseball GM

July 16, 2021 Kevin Burke
Elbow Up Youth Baseball
When Daddy Becomes Youth Baseball GM
Show Notes
Hello parents and coaches!

It’s been a few weeks, but I’m back and ready with some great stuff.

I shared a Facebook post a couple weeks ago teasing this topic. I had more comments than usual, so I knew it would be 🔥.

This week I’m going to gain or lose subscribers (probably some of both) - and that’s okay. I’m not here to make friends (although it is a perk), rather to share my experience and positively impact kids and families through youth baseball.

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Everyone is Thinking About Next Season

As the current season winds down, coaches and parents get to work figuring out what next year will look like. It happens earlier and earlier every year.

Everyone has an angle.

Many coaches are looking to “upgrade” their team.

Some parents just want to win more.

Some parents aren’t happy with their son’s playing time or position, so they’re looking to see which area teams will have openings.

Here’s the thing…None of those things are bad on the surface.

I mean I’m not here to say you shouldn’t want to be better, win more games, and do what’s best for your kid(s).

But what about the cost? What about the collateral damage? What about the big, long term picture?

And is it even worth it?

Here’s a screenshot of the Facebook post I came across.

Now let’s unpack all of that and talk about what nobody wants to hear.

The Reality

I know some guys who have played and coached at really high levels.

Off the top of my head, we had an 11 year big league vet on the show, my brother was a first round draft pick, and then just the other day a kid who played on our 9U team 9 years ago was taken in almost the same spot in the draft (I’ll talk about him and that season more below).

All those guys got (or will get) big money relative to what most of us will ever make - especially playing a sport.

But here’s the thing - that’s not realistic for 99% of us. It’s just not.

It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do our best and help our kids succeed, but it means we shouldn’t treat youth baseball like we’re playing for a World Series and our career is on the line.

In fact, what’s on the line is much much more important - the future of our kids.

The Root of the Madness

There are two main reasons daddy’s become youth baseball General Managers and parents jockey to find the ‘best team’ for their kid.

For those that may not know, a General Manager in Major League Baseball is the person responsible for building the best team possible, making trades, drafting and cutting players, and ultimately is held accountable for an organization’s success or failure.

Now, if you find this part offensive, send me an email. But I’ve been both of these, so I can say it. And if it hurts, it’s probably true.

For coaches, they just want to win. Period. I don’t know how else to say it.

Sure, most coaches I come across are good people. They care for the kids. They want them to be as successful as possible. But the desire to win and be the best rises above all else. This is true even for most that would say it’s not.

For parents, we can’t stand for our children to fail, be uncomfortable, or face

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