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Arm Care, Arm Health, and more with China McCarney from Jaeger Sports

July 21, 2021 Kevin Burke
Elbow Up Youth Baseball
Arm Care, Arm Health, and more with China McCarney from Jaeger Sports
Show Notes
🚨 You don’t want to miss this one! In addition to loads of useful information, Jaeger Sports has given me 5 sets of J-Bands along with their Throwing Manual to give away to my listeners! 🚨

Parents and Coaches,

Today’s message is partially in response to my recent episodes Coaches are Ruining Youth Arms and Protecting Young Arms in Youth Baseball.

I’m excited this week to bring you China McCarney from Jaeger Sports.

Jaeger Sports is considered by many to be the industry leader in Arm Health, Arm Conditioning, and Mental Training for baseball players.

And if you look around, you’ll see their flagship J-Bands at parks and fields all across the country.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the interview, although you’ll miss out if you don’t listen to every single second of this one (plus, you want to know how to win a set of J-Bands and their throwing manual):

0:56 - Introduction

3:35 - Interview starts with China McCarney from Jaeger Sports

4:42 - What is Jaeger Sports?

6:15 - How early should we start thinking about arm health and arm conditioning?

8:42 - What is arm care?

9:48 - Warm up to throw, don’t throw to warm up!

11:20 - Explaining the WHY!

12:45 - What is a throwing program?

15:04 - Watch out for gimmicks and advertisements promising quick and unrealistic returns!

15:45 - Should you be worried if your child throws slower than his peers at a young age? (IMPORTANT!!)

21:00 - Does Jaeger Sports have a youth specific throwing program?

23:00 - How important is time off? And a discussion on year ‘round baseball.

26:00 - The mental aspect of taking time off.

28:45 - Jim Vatcher, Jaeger Sports CEO and former Major League outfielder, and how he approaches his teenage son’s baseball experience.

30:00 - Kids should have fun now so they’ll still want to be around later to develop.

30:50 - China actually founded the Athletes Against Anxiety and Depression Foundation in 2017 after his own experience with being a competitive athlete.

32:32 - How important is wearing sleeves and staying warm in cooler weather?

34:10 - Pitch counts, pitch counts, pitch counts! What does Jaeger Sports think about pitch counts?

37:17 - How can you get a J-Band or the Jaeger Sports throwing manual? Also, more information about free resources for parents, coaches, and players at Jaeger Sports!

41:21 - Closing thoughts from China McCarney:

Take action!

Introduce arm care and arm health to your son and your team.

Keep the game fun!

Be a human being.

Remind your kid of the WHY.

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